New From Liana Downey: Mission Control: How Nonprofits and Governments Can Focus, Achieve More, and Change the World (May 2016, Bibliomotion)

Why do some nonprofit and government leaders actually succeed in changing the world, while others struggle to point their impact? What links the eradication of smallpox, the housing of 100,000 chronically homeless individuals, or the remarkable reducing of the incidence of malaria? Successful social organization share a laser-llike focus on their goals. Mission Control is a pithy how-to guide packed with easy-to- and practical examples to help you on your journey, to find your focus and take control. Pre-order a copy today!

Mission Control Forum

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Take Control with Mission Control University

Join a selected group of high performing leaders taking control of their impact with Mission Control University — an 8-week high impact program to help you sharpen your focus and increase impact. Designed for CEOs, Board Directors and Senior Program leaders — programs are by application only, To learn more, click here.

Keeping the Promise for the Children of New York - The Children's Aid Society

We worked with The Children's Aid Society to build a performance management system to track educational, health, social-emotional and family stability outcomes. This helps Children’s Aid Society “Keep the Promise” for children in New York, helping them achieve college and career success.

Housing 100,000 homeless Americans

Community Solutions 100K Homes Campaign recently exceeded their goal of housing 100,000 people across more than 200 cities, received the World Habitat Award, and our estimates suggest they have saved the US Government more than $1Bn p.a. in the process. We loved helping them think through – what next?

Preventing diseases and saving lives

Speak Up Africa launched powerful media campaigns to mobilize leadership commitment and resources to help save children’s lives across Africa. We loved helping them build a powerful strategy, identifying and focusing on the policies that will save the most lives.

Preparing students for college and career success - the NYC Education Department

We worked with the NYC Department of Education on their strategic planning and performance management processes. Their hard working team is committed to tracking their impact and ensuring their efforts students graduate college- and career-ready when they.

Protecting the environment and creating for jobs indigenous Australian job

The joint efforts of The Nature Conservancy, North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance, and the Indigenous Land Corporation led to the launch of the Fish River project. We worked with these groups to develop a governance structure and detailed business plans to expand efforts to three states, across North Australia. Approved under the Carbon Farming Initiative, Fish River recently sold Accredited Carbon Credit Units to Caltex, improved fire management, hired indigenous land rangers, and is improving cultural, social and biodiversity outcomes.


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